"You're just throwing those away?"


I'm Sarah...

and that was a question I'd get nearly every time I returned to a venue after a wedding for clean up. A mom or an aunt or a grandmother looked on with horror as the flowers they purchased went directly into the trash. And I know, it hurts my heart, too. But that's the unfortunate reality of the event industry.

I've pressed flowers as a hobby since I was 8 years old. My aunt gave me a little 6 by 6 inch press as a gift, and while the press itself didn't stay with me through all my moves (I don't know, maybe it's still in my mom's attic?), the art of pressing and preserving flowers did. It stuck so well that it turned into a full time job as a floral designer for weddings. Wedding floral design and pressed floral design have their differences but so many of the fundamentals are the same. Designing with cut flowers provides me with a unique perspective on designing with their flattened counterparts. That's what sets me apart from other preservationists.

Anytime I'm not elbow deep in florals, you'll probably find me reading true crime literature, eating a meal consisting mostly of cheese or carbs (bonus points if it's a combination of cheese and carbs, heyooo), or lounging around with my angel of a dog, Scarlet. You can follow along with her on the Petal + Press Studio instagram--I refer to her as my Chief Treat Officer there. Don't worry, she's compensated handsomely with treats and head pats.


So that's me
I love what I do and I'm so grateful to have the opportunity share it with y'all. I'd love to avoid having the end-of-wedding conversation with your Great Aunt June about your florals going in the trash, so let's get that inquiry in.