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Frequently Asked Questions

~ What can I expect to pay for my frames?

Because every project is different, the quoted price depends on a number of factors. Pricing for most projects starts at $475 and varies based on frame size and style. Payment plans are automatically applied to each project at no additional cost unless you communicate that you'd prefer to pay in full. The financial accessibility of my services is super important to me, so I'm always flexible on payment dates and the number of installments in your payment plan.

~ Can I have flowers from non-wedding events preserved?

Of course! I've done all kinds of projects. Baby showers, memorials, even special mother's day requests using flowers from a client's Mom's garden.

~ I saved my bouquet from my wedding and it's dried. Can you press it for me?

Dried bouquets can't be pressed because once they're aired out, the blooms will crumble under pressure. However, you can ask your florist for a re-creation of your bouquet on a smaller scale, and I can press that. Two upsides here: your spouse can make this an anniversary gift (!!!~HINT~!!!) and the flowers will be super fresh for pressing.

~ How do I book you?

When you fill out a custom inquiry form, I'll email you to talk about what you're looking for and make sure we're a good fit for your needs. I'll then send a proposal and contract via email and you can look it over before submitting payment online.

~ How long will it take to receive my framed flowers?

Pressing flowers is no fast feat. A project can take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks depending on the types of flowers in your bouquet and the type of frame you select since everything in this process is handmade. The wait is always worth it. Trust.

~ How far in advance do I need to book this type of service?
It's best to reserve a slot as soon as you know this is something you'd like. I recommend booking no later than 6 weeks in advance. Spring and fall are the busiest seasons for weddings so keep that in mind when considering this kind of service (or any wedding vendor service, for that matter--pro tip).

~ Do you take custom orders from all over?
I do! I provide my distance clients with packaging instructions for shipping your bouquet to me from anywhere in the United States. All you have to do is pack your flowers up the following day and overnight them to my studio. I'll make sure you have all the trade secrets for keeping your bouquet as fresh as possible during transit.


Most of these questions are regarding custom event pieces. If this page doesn't address the questions you have, use the "custom inquiries" page to shoot me an email and we can talk details.

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